Antichrist Kingdom Rising

 Part 1

Part 2

Understand It!

* * * 

The Obama administration set up the infrastructure for the New World Order. He could be called "the man of lawlessness." Believers were appalled at the things they saw under his rule. The upcoming adminstration is a continuation of that path. It was supposed to continue with Hillary - BUT GOD...

God stepped in and gave us the experience of the very opposite. We have had four years under the administration totally opposite from the New World Order's agenda. It is my belief that God presented us with this time in order for all to have a clearly informed choice. 

The Trump administration was an unexpected interference in the Satanic agenda, when God said "not now, Satan."

But today the evil agenda is put on fast-track, taking up where Obama left off. 

Have you made your choice? If not, choose now because the day of choice is coming to an end and the New World Order will take over the world. Not just the United States. The world.

The perpetrators of the New World Order will be in hell a few years from now, along with most of their followers.

Jesus Christ came to this earth to bear the sins of his followers and to call out a people for his Name. Those will be in heaven where they will enjoy peace and righteousness forever.

If you haven't already, choose now. The door of grace is shortly to close.